Nurses Bargaining Association: RPNs set to bargain

Representatives of the Provincial Nurses Bargaining Association ... including Registered Psychiatric Nurses represented by HSA ... are heading to the bargaining table this week.

The constituent unions are meeting today. Bargaining with the employer begins January 24-25. More bargaining dates are set February 20-24.

RPN & Lions Gate Hospital Chief Steward Val Barker will represent HSA RPNs, along with Senior Labour Relations Officer Pat Blomme.

-The union has been great at supporting a broader utilization of RPNs in the health care system," Barker said in an activist profile article two years ago.

-HSA has advocated for us as specialized health care providers, fought hard to expand our job opportunities and for the application of psychiatric nursing in the health field," she said.

More than 1000 Registered Psychiatric Nurses are covered by the Provincial Nurses Collective Agreement.  The BC Nurses Union is the lead union of the Nurses Bargaining Association. The collective agreement expires in March 2012.

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