OHSAH Health & Safety Update


Team OHSAH successfully completed the Hoodoo 500 ultra-cycling race through 835 km of the Utah Canyonlands. From September 13-15, eight OHSAH employees undertook this physical and mental challenge to raise funds for the BC Cancer Foundation.

The two teams ... OHSAH One and OHSAH Uno ... worked hard at training and fundraising. They not only raised $35,600 for the BC Cancer Foundation but also finished the race well before the 44 hour deadline. OHSAH One finished in 33:12 hours and OHSAH Uno finished in 37:10 hours.

While agreeing that it was one of the hardest things the team has ever done, members of Team OHSAH say that reaching the finish line made it all worth it. The team thanks its supporters ... family, friends and sponsors ... who made it possible to successfully participate in the race.

OHSAH is proud of the riders, not only for the determination it took to complete the race, but also for their enthusiasm that raised over $35,600 to support research and treatment for those facing cancer.

For detailed updates and photographs from the race, and to donate to the BC Cancer foundation, visit the Team OHSAH blog.

OHSAH's Stakeholder Meeting

On September 19th, a group of OHSAHs key stakeholders gathered to identify key current and future health and safety issues for OHSAH to consider. The intention was to outline these issues and the possible role that OHSAH can play in addressing them, so that they can be discussed at an upcoming OHSAH Board of Directors retreat in October.

Representatives from all six health authorities, Providence Health, the unions and WorkSafeBC were invited to participate in the meeting. The day-long meeting, held at the HEU Offices in Burnaby, was useful to appreciate OHSAHs strengths, how these strengths can be leveraged to effectively address health and safety priorities both currently and for the future, and to identify objectives and actions that might be relevant to OHSAH.

OHSAH is grateful to the attendees for their enthusiastic participation and the positive atmosphere that sustained the meeting. Each participant was engaged and astute, and brought valuable input to the table, leading to productive ideas for consideration at the OHSAH Board retreat.

Online orientation module launched for new and young workers

An Occupational Health and Safety Awareness module for new and young workers is now available via the OHSAH website, at no cost to BC healthcare. The module is an online tool with vibrant graphics and practical information, specifically designed to be interesting and educational for new and young workers in the healthcare sector.

The various sections of the module relate to hazards in the workplace and the processes designed to decrease risk of injury or illness. Interactive content and healthcare-specific information help workers gain knowledge and help with retention of the material. It is hoped that the module will assist with the orientation process in preparation for site and department specific training.

The module, available via the OHSAH website, was developed in collaboration with BC healthcare employers and unions.