OHSAH Learning Portal - It's a Go!

March 9, 2009

OHSAH is pleased to announce that it will be moving forward with the development of the OHSAH Learning Portal, which will provide BC's healthcare stakeholders with access to a centralized repository of healthcare occupational health and safety (OHS) education and training resources.

Two of the primary goals of the Learning Portal are to reduce duplication and increase collaborative development of new OHS education and training resources in BC healthcare. The Portal itself has many potential users, including personnel involved in developing OHS education and training, JOHS Committees, and front-line workers.

In the initial development of the Portal, OHSAH is targeting professionals in its union and employer stakeholder organizations who oversee and/or develop OHS education and training resources. Gathering input from people in this target group is key to the early success of the Learning Portal. OHSAH will be conducting a series of online forums and focus groups to collect their input on the Portal's features, design, structure, and access.

While we anticipate that the features and content of the Learning Portal will continue to evolve based on stakeholder input, developing and uploading the existing provincial resources will occur over a 3-year period, with content added according to the priorities set by OHSAH's Board of Directors (Violence Prevention materials are scheduled to be added in Year 1).

The Learning Portal is scheduled to launch in early 2010.

Stay tuned for more updates of this project!

For more information contact:
Catherine Ogden Director, Education and Training, OHSAH