One step closer to stomping out period poverty

Last week the BC NDP government announced a $95 thousand grant for the United Way to research the full impact of period poverty on people and families. According to the government press release, the initial project will distribute free products through 12 community agencies around the province and collect critical information to ensure future policies are meeting the needs of people in our communities.

We know that access to menstrual products is a challenge for those living in poverty, or who face other barriers to access. We also know that persistent stigma around menstruation adds another challenge to accessing products. When you can’t afford or can’t access the products you need, your health and well being are affected.

With this research project we will know the full extent of the barriers people and families face.

You can read the government’s full press release HERE

“Good research leads to good public policy,” said Val Avery, president of Health Sciences Association. “We are excited about this project and the insights it will provide. Our members have been active on the Stomp Out Period Poverty campaign, bringing this issue to our workplaces across the province. We are active partners with the United Way to keep advancing this important work.”

Sussanne Skidmore, Secretary Treasurer of the BC Federation of Labour, is the co-chair for the United Way campaign. Watch this interview she recently gave about the project and why it is so important to do this research.

You can watch the clip HERE 

As part of the project, the United Way also has an online survey. Please take the time to fill it out – it only takes a few minutes, and will help them better understand how to make menstrual products accessible to people in need.

You can take learn more about the research initiative and take the survey HERE 

HSA’s Stomp Out Period Poverty campaign is active at a number of chapters around the province. Get involved with a local campaign or start one up at your chapter! For more information about how to bring the campaign to your chapter, email Nadia Santoro at @email

Together we can make a difference!

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