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Become a Stronger Advocate for Child Development Centres

Upcoming CDC Advocacy Campaign Training Opportunities

It’s just been a few weeks since we focused our MLA meetings through the Constituency Liaison program on the need to improve the selection process for Family Connection Centres. In that short time, we’ve had multiple briefing sessions and it’s exciting to see our momentum building.

Members like you, whether they are experienced Constituency Liaisons, or they work with infants, children and youth with support needs and have just joined the program, are letting us know that they are meeting with their MLAs and the conversations are going well.

But we still have a ways to go to meet our goal of talking to every MLA about the importance of improving the selection process for Family Connection Centres before September 1st.

Sign Up
If you haven’t signed up to be a Constituency Liaison yet, there’s still time – join now, and be part of changing the way that Family Connection Centres are selected in BC. Once you’re signed up as a Constituency Liaison, you’re able to register for one of our training sessions to prepare for your meeting. You can also request a partner if you’d like to do the meeting as a team.

Join a Training Session

Communicating Our Message
The first step to a successful meeting is understanding our material – the next is knowing how to put it in your own words. Join this one-hour session where we will go through our current briefing note, discuss how to explain this issue to MLAs by bringing in examples and stories (while keeping the main points we want to emphasize), and how to handle unexpected questions.

Register here for one of two, virtual 1-hour sessions taking place March 28th
12:00 PM  or  7:00 PM

Government Relations
Meeting with your MLA for the first time, or after a long break? Learn or refresh your knowledge about how to make a strong, positive impression, how to communicate across differences, and how to build a respectful relationship that lasts. We’ll also translate this information into individual strategies you can use for your MLA.

Register here for one of two, virtual 1-hour sessions, taking place April 4th  
12:00 PM  or  7:00 PM

We will also have a full one-day in-person workshop that will cover the material from both of our online sessions, as well as more broad-based information to support you in talking to MLAs about future issues of focus.

Register here for the full day workshop at HSA May 2nd
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Connect with the HSA Office
We’re asking experienced Constituency Liaisons to contact us before you request a meeting with your MLA as we may have a new Constituency Liaison who we’d like to pair you up with.

A few quick reminders to everyone who is a Constituency Liaison, including new Liaisons:

  • Let me know if you’d like a partner for your meeting;
  • Contact me before sending in a meeting request; and
  • Send in report-back quickly after meeting (via pdf or our online form)

 If you have any questions, including about wage replacement, let me know!


Nicole Seguin
Communications Officer / Campaign Director and Strategist
Health Sciences Association of BC

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