PHSA lab redesign negotiations conclude

HSA, on behalf of the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association (HSPBA), has now concluded negotiations for a labour adjustment plan with PHSA . This labour adjustment plan will address the implementation of the PHSA laboratory technical leadership redesign in the most supportive and respectful manner for our laboratory technologists.

Lab stewards and members have done an exemplary job at articulating concerns about the employer's redesign plan. It has resulted in no net loss of positions.

In the next week, PHSA will issue a letter outlining the process for bidding on positions within the leadership structure, commonly called a Job Fair. As well, a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document will be issued to detail the implementation process.

The Job Fair will begin in the New Year (date to be determined). The union and the employer have agreed that the union will be present at all selections done through the Job Fair to immediately address any issues or concerns that arise for our members.

As well, the employer will post a seniority list shortly. It is imperative each member checks that their seniority date is correct prior to the Job Fair process beginning. If you believe that your seniority is wrong please raise this with your supervisor and your steward immediately.

Should you have any questions regarding the employer's documents, implementation of the Job Fair or any individual concerns, please email HSA at @email or contact the office to speak with a Labour Relations officer.