PHSA Lab redesign still in the review stage

Over the last month the employer and HSA, on behalf of the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association (HSPBA), have met with members at the PHSA lab sites to review the employer’s draft organizational chart and to discuss the impact on members of the PHSA lab redesign.

The union and the employer have encouraged employees to provide written comments and concerns about the proposed draft organization structural impacts.  Members were also encouraged to discuss the plan with the medical staff they work with.

The first step resulting from this process is that an agreement has been reached that vacancies for Chief Technologist positions will be posted in August.

In addition, the employer and union agree that the Technical Specialist (VCHA) and Laboratory Scientists (FHA) will continue in their positions, which are to be renamed Technical Practice Leads.

The parties continue to meet to discuss the Labour Adjustment Plan, including voluntary options, but do not know yet the full impact of the employer’s redesign plan, i.e., how many jobs the redesign will impact.

The thoughtful and detailed feedback members have provided to the union is valuable and helpful, and members are encouraged to continue to provide the feedback and ideas by email to: @email

HSA, on behalf of the HSPBA, will continue to meet with members at all affected sites, work on voluntary options, and analyze member feedback throughout the remainder of the summer, and anticipates meeting with the employer in September to review our findings.