Professional Fees Reimbursement Fund Now Open

In the most recent round of negotiations for the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association, HSA achieved funding to help members pay for fees for regulatory bodies and professional associations.

Today, we’re opening up the next round of funding to help you pay for fees paid in 2024.

You may submit a receipt for reimbursement to cover the fees related to one professional body of your choice. You are encouraged to submit anapplication for reimbursement for the highest dollar value fee you paid or will pay in 2024. Members will be reimbursed up to a maximum cap, informed by the fee rates set by regulatory bodies and professional associations.

The application process is exclusively online. In order to make an application for reimbursement, HSA requires you to have an email on file with the union. To update your contact information, use this form. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

In order to apply, you will need the following information on hand

  • A completed digital copy of HSA’s electronic banking information form (a link to a downloadable and form fillable link is provided in the application process)
  • A digital copy (picture or scan) of a void cheque or banking information from your financial institution
  • A digital copy (picture or scan) of the receipt you are applying to claim reimbursement for

All three documents will need to be uploaded to complete the applications. Your application will be rejected if any of these are missing. Only one fee may be claimed for reimbursement.

In the application process, you will be required to select your profession and the professional body for which you are claiming reimbursement for payment of fees. You may only choose one professional body fee for reimbursement, and are encouraged to apply for the one that has the highest dollar value.

As you know, health care is ever-changing, professions evolve and develop, and some professions’ names change, so if you do not see your profession on the drop-down list, there is an option to enter your profession manually. You may also manually enter the name of the professional body.

Once your application is submitted, you will receive an auto-generated email confirming receipt.

As we expect to receive thousands of applications, reimbursements will take several weeks to process. We will not respond to emails or phone calls requesting updates on the status of reimbursement processing.

Please click here to access the application.