Provincial day of protest against cuts to children's services

Moms on the Move is holding a provincial day of protest tomorrow, October 28, to remind BC Premier Gordon Campbell of his promise to build the best system of supports forchildren with special needs in Canada.

In the past several weeks, cuts to funding have been announced in a number of programs, including:

  • eliminating early intensive intervention programs, denying therapy to children whose families can't pay thousands of dollars each year out of pocket
  • eliminating staff who deliver Infant Development, Aboriginal Infant Development and Supported Child Care Services
  • $32 million in cuts to provincial staff who manage and deliver kids' programs; $3.6 million cuts to front-line services; cuts to children in care, childcare, FASD prevention, and even Special Olympics
  • denial of special education in public schools - forcing families to pay privately,

All this without any assessment of risks and impacts of these cuts, and no consulation with families.

The October 28 action will feature small groups at high-traffic locations througout the province with signs and banners protesting the cuts.

The family-led protest is being held in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops and Kelowna.

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