Put the heart back into health care

This week, the provincial and territorial health ministers are meeting in Vancouver.

This is the first time the Health Ministers have met since a new federal government was elected last year. It is an important opportunity to ask the Health Ministers to "put the heart back in health care" so that our public system stays public and improves to serve everyone better.

Public health care advocates from across the country are taking action this Wednesday and we need your help! We want to know what you'd say to the Health Ministers.

Help us get your message to the Health Ministers by tweeting about Canadian health care using the hashtag #HealthMin16. You can write your own, or use one of the following tweets:

Tweet: @TerryLakeMLA without health science professionals there’d be no modern health care!

Tweet: @janephilpott I believe in a strong, fully funded public health care system!

Tweet: @TerryLakeMLA I hope #cdnhealth will continue to be based on need rather than ability to pay

You can also follow the BC Health Coalition on twitter at @BCHC and the Canadian Health Coalition at @HealthCoalition for updates about the action.