Raid is on at Mission Memorial

RPN members are advised that the BCNU is taking advantage of an error made by Fraser Health Authority to try to raid members at Mission Memorial Hospital.

Fraser Health Authority signed Mission Memorial members into the BCNU when they were first hired. This was in error, as RPNs at Mission Memorial are members of Health Sciences Association. FHA subsequently sent these members  HSA membership forms – but did not let HSA know that they had been hired. Since HSA is legally certified to represent RPNs at any program connected to Mission Memorial, FHA was in error from the beginning of their employment.

Complicating this further, despite their poor history relating to representing the important issues RPNs face at work, BCNU has applied to be the union fpr RPNs at Mission Memorial. The hearing for the application to switch unions was held this morning (Friday, Oct. 10). The Vice Chair, who is like the judge, considered the facts and made several decisions.

He ruled that a vote that was scheduled for next Tuesday will be cancelled, and instead Mission Memorial RPN members will receive a ballot at home to vote on which union they want to be in. The reason for the delay in the vote is because the vice chair acknowledged that  HSA had not had any opportunity to be in touch with these members. Fraser Health was ordered to provide HSA with names and contact information including work email for each RPN.

Today HSA confirmed that these are HSA members. HSA and FHA rectified their dues and will ensure they are paying the lower HSA rate. They will also receive a rebate on the difference between the lower HSA dues and the higher dues taken by the BCNU. HSA union dues are about 25% less than BCNU dues.

The Vote

The Labour Board conducts the vote and will mail a ballot to Mission Memorial RPNs. HSA will be talking to these members over the coming week to discuss this and any other issues regarding employment and union membership.