Registration Open: Pharmacare Summer Action Webinar

The Political Action Committee would like to inform you of an exciting learning opportunity offered through the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC).

On July 15, the CLC is offering a free one-hour skills-building webinar to support participants in advancing the campaign for universal Pharmacare in Canada. The summer offers excellent opportunities to engage in community outreach, and with the launch of public consultations by the new federal Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare, it’s an important moment in time for us to advocate for an accessible Pharmacare plan. 

HSA has long been a strong voice in the call for accessible, quality public health care. This year, a convention resolution was passed calling on HSA to work with the labour movement and our community allies to urge the federal and provincial governments to establish a “comprehensive and universal national Pharmacare program.”

Those of us working in the health sciences, community social services, and community health have a thorough understanding of how financial barriers to purchasing sometimes very costly prescriptions can impact someone’s physical and mental health. With 3.5 million people in Canada unable to afford medically-necessary prescriptions, we must work together to ensure Canada creates a national Pharmacare program.

The webinar will explore strategies for community mobilization and will provide some easy-to-follow tips for organizing meetings with your local Member of Parliament.

You can register online for the webinar here.

Please also encourage members in your chapter to participate!

HSA members are also invited to participate in the federal advisory council’s newly launched public consultations. Share your stories about why Canada needs a universal, single-payer, and publicly-administered Pharmacare plan in Canada. Email council members at: @email and join in on the discussion through the online forum. A survey will also be shared in the upcoming weeks, once made available.

For more information about universal Pharmacare in Canada, read HSA's Pharmacare coverage in The Report magazine:  "A plan for everyone: the case for universal Pharmacare" or visit:

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