Reminder to HSA RPNs: Submit receipts for 2017 college fees

HSA’s registered psychiatric nurses are reminded again that as a result of a settlement reached under the Nurses Bargaining Association, members may submit receipts for registration or renewal of their college fees as proof of eligibility for damages payment by the Nurses Bargaining Association. The damages that are being put toward the fees paid to the CRPNBC arise out of compensation paid by the employer for failure to implement the 2012 safe staffing provisions.
To claim for your damages payment, pay your college fees to the CRPNBC and scan and send your receipt to @email. Receipts may also be mailed to HSA c/o College Fees, Health Sciences Association of BC, 180 East Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC, V3L 0G7, or faxed to HSA at 604.515.8889 or 1.800.663.6119.
Please include your name, worksite, mailing address and current email address.
Please note this does not constitute reimbursement of your registration fees or CRPNBC fees. The money has been awarded as damages, and the Nurses Bargaining Association takes the position that the payment is not wages, so will not issue T4 slips or deduct taxes. We recommend that you may want to seek the advice of a tax professional in complying with your legal obligation, having regard to your unique personal, employment, and financial circumstances.
The deadline for submission of receipts is June 30, 2017.

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