RPN Summit on Workplace Violence


Just last week we were alerted to another instance of violence in the workplace. Another RPN was assaulted on the job.
These situations are all too common. But violence in the workplace does not need to be inevitable.
We know that workplace violence can be prevented with proper planning, protocols and procedures that involve meaningful input from frontline health care workers.
That's why we're holding a solutions oriented Summit on Violence in the Workplace on Thursday, September 10 from 9 am to 4
:30 pm at the HSA Office in New Westminster. (more information)
This summit will be focused on RPN's. All HSA RPN's are invited to attend.
Last December, HSA President Val Avery called on British Columbia's Minister of Health to hold an emergency Health Care Summit on violence in the workplace.
The Minister responded to our call and convened a day-long meeting in April. Frontline health care workers, representatives from other health care unions, health authorities, occupational health and safety experts and other industry stakeholders were in attendance.
As a recognized leader in health care, the HSA was invited to deliver a presentation focused on the gaps in practices to prevent violence, and offer solutions to improve the experience of health care workers and patients.
A summary report on the summit is expected from the Ministry this Fall. We want to continue to build on this momentum.
Registration for the September 10 summit is open now.
All RPN members are invited to attend. Union paid leave will be provided for members, with travel and accommodation expenses covered for members traveling in from out of town.
Members should request union paid leave through the employer if the summit falls on their regularly scheduled day of work.
Additional supports are available for members requiring child or dependent care or to address other barriers to participation.

Date: Thursday September 10, 2015
Location: HSA office Training Room, 180 East Columbia Street, New Westminster
Time: 9:00 – 4:30
Register here on the HSA web page: RPN Summit on Workplace Violence
If you have questions or require more information please contact Jonny at the HSA Office by e-mail at @email or by text/phone at 778-866-0542.