Security and Prosperity Partnership (based on NAFTA Model) - Setting Stage for North American Union

Harmonization of Canada and Mexico with USA monetarily, militarily, and in other areas of administration including health care and labour standards.

Are you ready for it?  Is this what you want?

Why is the Harper Government keeping quiet about SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement), a process of deeper integration with the USA, which is quietly going ahead while you sleep?

Jack Layton has demanded debate on this Agreement since February (and been refused).

Murray Dobbin's presentation will inform and alarm you.  Learn why PM Harper invited Liberal MP and Big Business CEO, David Emerson, to cross over to the Conservatives.

Please make every effort to attend.

"Deep Integration"
Wednesday, June 20 at 7:30 p.m.
1440 W. 12th Avenue

Murray Dobbin, author and journalist
- Sponsored by Council of Canadians -

Harmonization with USA will affect: 
- Collective bargaining
- Labour standards and Labour rights (only 10% of U.S. workforce is unionized)
- TILMA which is part of SPP:  this means massive deregulation, lowering of pesticide standards, fruits & vegetable standards, to U.S. standards

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