Settlement Agreement Reached in Statutory Holiday Rescheduling Dispute

Agreement will allow NBA members to reschedule 26 paid holidays per calendar year

After lengthy arbitration and mediation, the Nurses Bargaining Association has reached a settlement agreement with the Health Employers Association of BC regarding the rescheduling of paid holidays. 

Over 1000 registered psychiatric nurse members of HSA will benefit from the settlement, which entitles members to have their paid holiday rescheduled when they work a shift on a day originally scheduled as a paid holiday – without requiring 14 calendar days’ notice. 

A member may have 26 such “scheduling events” per calendar year, and for clarity, these 26 scheduling events may be counted as one stat rescheduled 26 times or 13 stats rescheduled two times, or in any other configuration. When the rescheduling cap has been reached, and a nurse works a shift on subsequent scheduled paid holiday without 14 calendar days’ advance notice, they will receive a day's pay at straight time in lieu instead of having their paid holiday rescheduled. Upon a member's request, the employer will provide confirmation of the number of rescheduling events the member has had in the current calendar year. 

The change is on a go-forward basis with no retroactivity.

Read the settlement agreement here

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