A Shocking Display by a Misguided Minority

A message from HSA President Kane Tse

As your colleague, I want to share how I feel about the protests that occurred on Wednesday.

I am disgusted by them. It is hard to find words to describe people who would choose to confront, harass, bully, threaten and demoralize health care workers at any time, never mind after 18 months of your unrelenting personal sacrifice in the face of a global crisis. That they would also imperil the health of ordinary people seeking cancer treatment, attending critical appointments, and arriving in ambulances, further angers me.
It is a small but important comfort to recognize that these people are a very small percentage of the population, their voices amplified by the sheer unreasonableness of their beliefs. We must remember that the vast majority of British Columbians stand with you in making personal sacrifices for the public good. We see this in the universal condemnation of the protesters.
As your president, I want to assure you that HSA takes this very seriously. I am talking to individual members about how this has affected them and their colleagues, and HSA’s staff stands ready to assist.
No protest can take away from the integrity and dedication that you have shown in the work that you do every day through this pandemic. Along with the people that you serve and care for, and all of British Columbia, I thank you.

In Solidarity,
Kane Tse
HSA President