Standing up for members' rights

The Report: November / December 2000 vol.21 num.6

HSAs executive staff are the Executive Director of Labour Relations, Executive Director of Operations, Executive Assistant / Human Resources Coordinator ... and their secretarial support.

Executive Director of Labour Relations
The Executive Director of Labour Relations is one of the two senior executive staff positions in HSA and reports directly to the President.

Rick Lampshire is HSAs Executive Director of Labour Relations and one of his most important roles is as chief negotiator in provincial bargaining for health professionals. Of the many facets of his work, some of the other main components include assisting the union with policy development, supervising HSAs labour relations staff, and representing HSA at the BC Federation of Labour with HSA President Cindy Stewart.

The Executive Directors role in supervising labour relations staff has direct influence on the quality of services available to HSA members. His job is to ensure the highest possible level of service, and to make sure staff have the support and resources available to work with members in the most effective ways. Rick also gives direction on various contract interpretation matters, often in concert with HSAs legal counsel.

As HSAs chief negotiator, Rick speaks not only for HSA members, but also for all the other workers represented in the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association. In addition to the 10,000 members represented by HSA, the bargaining association includes approximately 1200 paramedical professionals in BCGEU, PEA, and CUPE.

Executive Director of Operations
The Executive Director of Operations is the other of two senior executive staff positions in HSA and reports directly to the President.

Maureen Whelan holds the position of Executive Director of Operations, and shares responsibility for the overall functioning of the union with the Executive Director of Labour Relations.

Specifically, the Executive Director of Operations is responsible for the administration of HSAs office building, including various operations and maintenance. And along with HSAs Secretary-Treasurer, she oversees the unions finances and member assets.

In addition to these duties, Whelan supervises the unions support staff ... including accounting, information technology, and database staff, as well as administrative secretaries. The Education Officer also reports to the Executive Director of Operations.

The Executive Director of Operations is also responsible for specific issues and in recent years, Whelan has headed negotiations for HSA RPNs at the nurses provincial bargaining table. She advises labour relations staff on the administration of the nurses agreement, and liaises with BCNU and UPN concerning issues of contract interpretation.

Her other commitments on behalf of HSA include her roles as board member for both the Working Opportunity Fund and Working Enterprises, overseeing the operation of the Fund, and helping direct the Working Enterprises Travel and Insurance Agencies.

Executive Assistant / Human Resources Coordinator
As Executive Assistant / Human Resources Coordinator, Dennis Blatchfords primary role is to assist and advise the President, the Board of Directors, and senior staff on a variety of issues, ranging from general policy matters to current affairs. He is responsible for planning, organizing, and coordinating various major union events, such as the Annual Convention, regional meetings, board meetings, and bargaining proposal conferences.

Another important aspect of the Executive Assistants role is as the unions liaison with labour councils and affiliates, the BC Federation of Labour, the Canadian Labour Congress, and the National Union of Public and General Employees.

In addition, the Executive Assistant is responsible for supporting senior staff in human resource coordination, and for directing staff who report to the President.

Executive Secretary
Executive Secretary Muriel Hoy supports all activities of the President, Executive Assistant / Human Resources Coordinator, Executive Director (Labour Relations), Executive Director (Operations), and the Board of Directors. She is capably assisted by Administrative Secretary Karin Herbert.

The many responsibilities in this area include overseeing individual appointments, minute taking, correspondence, and administration of the policy manual. The Executive Secretary also arranges accommodations and travel needs, and many other essential details ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the offices of the President, Executive Directors, and HSA Board.

In addition, the Executive Secretary organizes and provides support to major union events, including annual convention, regional meetings, bargaining proposal conferences, and Board meetings.