Steward and OH&S Training

Registration Information:
Stewards may register by logging into My Events Registration. Workshops will be listed under Steward Education events.

Basic Steward Training
Stewards play a vital role in the union. Particularly important is the steward's role in contract interpretation, organizing and the grievance procedure. In recognition of the need for educating new stewards in these areas, HSA is offering 3-day Basic Steward Training workshops at the HSA office as follows:

October 26-28, 2015
November 16-18, 2015
January 11-13, 2016
January 25-27, 2016
February 22-24, 2016
April 11-13, 2016
HSA Office, 180 East Columbia Street, New Westminster

The focus of these training sessions is for new, inexperienced HSA chief, assistant or general stewards who have not attended Basic Steward Training in the past.
The workshop will familiarize new stewards with the structure of HSA and promote skills to enable stewards to function confidently in their role. Workshop content includes:
- how HSA works as a union
- role of the steward
- advocacy skills
- leadership skills
- contract interpretation
- grievance handling

OH&S Steward Training
Occupational health and safety is important to HSA members. Safety stewards and representatives on joint OH&S committees play a vital role in promoting a safe work environment and preventing injuries. This November, HSA is offering three 1-day OH&S steward training workshops in the New Westminster office. These workshops are participatory and discussion-oriented, providing an opportunity to examine examples from your own workplace. 

1.  OH&S Steward Training - Basic

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
HSA Office, 180 East Columbia Street, New Westminster

Workshop participants will discuss:
- rights and responsibilities of safety stewards
- role of the Workers’ Compensation Board
- occupational health and safety regulations, policies and guidelines
- hazard identification
- incident investigations
- worksite inspections
- role of a steward/worker rep on the joint occupational health & safety committee
- violence in the workplace
- musculoskeletal injuries
- harassment & bullying as workplace hazards
- making recommendations

Priority for this course will be given to new HSA OH&S stewards and representatives on joint occupational health and safety (JOHS) committees who have not previously attended HSA OH&S workshops.

2.  OH&S Steward Training - Incident Investigations *

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
HSA Office, 180 East Columbia Street, New Westminster

This is a second level OH&S course.  Completion of the Basic OH&S course or equivalent is required before taking this course.

When an incident or near miss happens at the workplace, an investigation by the employer and a worker representative from the Joint OH&S (JOHS) committee must take place. Incident investigation is a serious matter. There is a need to gather facts, objectively assess those facts and arrive at appropriate solutions to prevent future incidents.

How do you conduct an effective investigation?

This course will provide you with the opportunity to improve your investigative skills, determine root causes and develop effective recommendations.

In this course participants will:
- Name legislation requirements for incident/accident investigations.
- Examine the principles of incident causation.
- Learn how to conduct a proper investigation by gathering the facts.
- Learn how to analyze the results of your investigation and determine contributing factors and root causes.
- Learn how to prepare reports and develop effective corrective actions.
- Conduct a class incident investigation and put theory to practice. 

3.  OH&S Steward Training - Women’s Health & Safety in the Workplace *

Thursday, November 26, 2015
HSA Office, 180 East Columbia Street, New Westminster

This is a second level OH&S course. Completion of the Basic OH&S course or equivalent is required before taking this course.

All workers face health and safety issues at work - injuries, workplace hazards, disease, and stress. Many of these issues also have a gender dimension - they affect women in particular ways.

The course gives participants skills for assessing and controlling workplace hazards from a women's perspective. It is geared to joint occupational health and safety (JOHS) committee members and to all women who want to know more about how to make our workplaces and lives safer and healthier.

In this course participants will:
- Discuss how women's health (including reproductive health) is affected by toxic workplace substances, work design & work organization.
- Learn about workplace stresses such as violence (including domestic violence), bullying and harassment. 

OH&S Workshop Registration Requirements:
Participants may choose to register for one, two or all three of these consecutive sessions. For those registering for more than one day, there will be a requirement to have your employer cover costs for one day according to the provisions of Section 135 of the Workers’ Compensation Act (see below). Employer-Paid OH&S training time should be coordinated through your local joint occupational health and safety (JOHS) committee.  Please contact HSA’s OH&S Officer, David Durning if you need clarification or assistance with this process.

BC Workers’ Compensation Act - Section 135 Educational Leave
(1)     Each member of a joint committee is entitled to annual education leave totaling eight (8) hours, or a longer period if prescribed by regulation, for the purposes of attending occupational health and safety training courses conducted by or with the approval of the Board*.
(2)     A member of the joint committee may designate another member as being entitled to take all or part of the member’s educational leave.
(3)     The employer must provide the educational leave under this section without loss of pay or other benefits and must pay for, or reimburse the worker for, the costs of the training course and the reasonable costs of attending the course.

* The Incident Investigation and Women’s Health & Safety in the Workplace courses will be conducted by the BCFed OH&S Centre which is endorsed and funded by WorkSafeBC.