Support for HSA Members Under Evacuation Order

HSA's Board of Directors has made a $20,000 emergency relief fund available for members affected by wildfires. Members have access to $500 per household for immediate relief to support unanticipated expenses related to being under evacuation order.

To apply for immediate financial support, please complete the following forms and return to HSA at @email. Applications will be processed on an urgent basis.

Safety is the number one priority

With wildfires threatening communities in British Columbia, HSA advises members to take measures to protect yourselves and families this season.

In the event of a wildfire or other disaster evacuation in your community, your first priority must be getting yourself and your family somewhere safe.

When your safety is secured, but you are unable to get to work, call your employer’s absence reporting line, and your manager. If your workplace does not have an absence reporting line, contact your manager. Once you are safe, ensure you provide any new contact details to your employer so that you can be contacted. If your facility is evacuated, you may be redeployed to a different worksite.

Know your obligations and rights

British Columbians depend on HSA members during emergencies. Many HSA employers have an obligation to deliver services to the community, and in an emergency the demands will increase. If your facility is evacuated, patients and clients will need to be relocated, and staff will have to be redeployed to ensure patients are receiving the care they require.

In the event of an emergency, your employer has the right to reassign you to a different location, cancel your vacation, change your hours, and even reassign you to a different job, provided you are qualified and physically able to do that job. If you are assigned to a job at a lower pay scale than your regular job, you will maintain your regular rate of pay.

For any questions related to your rights and obligations in the event of a natural disaster, contact the HSA office.

  •     Outside Lower Mainland – toll free: 1-800-663-2917
  •     Lower Mainland: 604-517-0994
  •     Email: @email

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