Survey on Enhanced Disability Management Program


If you took part in the Enhanced Disability Management Program (EDMP) between April 2019 and March 2020, you will receive a survey in the next couple of weeks. Members have been chosen randomly, and will be invited to provide feedback about their experiences.

If you receive the survey, we encourage you to take part in this evaluation to help manage and improve the EDMP program. This survey takes approximately 15-30 minutes of your time to complete.  If you have any questions about the evaluation, they may be directed to the evaluator at @email or to your EDMP Union Representative.

All responses will be kept anonymous.

The survey will also gather feedback from healthcare workers in other unions, managers, employers and EDMP stewards and representatives.

The EDMP is designed to help employees when they are absent from work, or struggling at work due to an occupational or non-occupational illness or injury. It focuses on quick and safe recovery with a proactive and customized disability management program that helps employees to either stay at work or successfully return to work.