Take action NOW to protect Medicare!

New Health Legislation threatens Medicare as we know it, unless we act now and send a message to Health Minister George Abbott telling him to Kill Bill 21!

British Columbians have spoken: they know universal public health care is the most efficient, fair and affordable way to provide health care to all regardless of income. They want proven, public solutions to make Medicare stronger.

But government is ignoring the interests of British Columbians and pushing Bill 21, through the legislature right now!

Why fight Bill 21?

• Bill 21 adds -sustainability" as the sixth principle of Medicare, even though there is no sustainability crisis in health care spending. In fact, health care spending has remained stable over the past decade as a percentage of the provinces economy. This move just allows government to make decisions based on cost instead of need, justifies further cuts to public health care services, and could allow doctors to charge patients extra for medically necessary services.

• Bill 21 introduces a -value" statement that puts the onus on -individual choice" and -personal responsibility." We know from the Quebec experience that these are really code words that mean patients will be forced to pay more user fees and rely on costly private insurance.

• Bill 21 calls for an ‘integrated health care system that paves the way for ,more private investors to take profit from our public services.

This link takes you to the BC Health Coalition website, where you can send an urgent message to Health Minister George Abbott call on the government to kill Bill 21.