Tentative agreement reached in community health bargaining

A settlement was achieved late in the day on Saturday, December 19 between the Community Bargaining Association and the Health Employers Association of B.C. (HEABC).

The CBA represents 10,000 workers delivering services in community health, including just over 600 HSA members.

Highlights of the tentative agreement are:

  • Wage increases of 3% and 3% for some Licenced Practical Nurses, LPN supervisors and Certified Dental Assistants
  • A weekend shift premium of $0.25 per hour for all weekend shifts
  • The establishment of a joint working group that will work with HEABC to improve scheduling practices

Proposed changes to benefits include:

  • A point of sale (Blue Net) drug card
  • The annual deductible to be paid for Extended Health Benefits will increase from $25 to $100
  • Reduce Long Term Disability for "own occupation" from 24 to 19 months
  • Place limits on access to LTD for claimants with pre-existing conditions
  • Vison Care coverage increase from $225 in 24 months up to $350 every 24 months
  • Cap massage therapy to $1,000 annual maximum
  • Establishment of a joint working group to examine the feasibility of short term sick leave

More details on the agreement and information about the ratification process will be posted soon.

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