Today is the Transgender Day of Visibility

Today, March 31st, is the International Transgender Day of Visibility – a day to recognize and honour transgender, non-binary, Two-Spirit, and gender diverse people. This day of observance aims to increase awareness of the contributions made by the community but also the ongoing harms and marginalization the community faces.

We are currently witnessing transphobic sentiments escalating in Canada and in other countries with a surge in anti-trans legislation in the United States and United Kingdom. At HSA, we recognize that the rise of transphobic and hateful sentiments makes it too dangerous for many members of the community to openly embrace their identity and be “visible”. We stand in solidarity with you.

Additionally, we recognize that transgender people continue to face barriers in accessing equitable and gender-affirming healthcare. Although “gender identity” and “gender expression” are protected grounds under the Canadian Human Rights Act and the BC Human Rights Code, transgender people report experiencing inequities when accessing all forms of health care in Canada. HSA is committed to reducing these barriers through bargaining for better recognition of gender affirming care and actions towards inclusion for gender diverse people in our collective agreements.

Below we offer some suggestions for how you can participate and honour International Transgender Day of Visibility:

“I never really related to the theory that being trans meant my body didn’t match my brain. I feel like this is a handy narrative that puts all of the pressure and responsibility  for change onto trans people and off of the rest of society… My day-to-day struggles are not so much between me and my body. I am not trapped in the wrong body; I am trapped in a world that makes very little space for bodies like mine”
Ivan Coyote, Tomboy Survival Guide