TSSU Picket Line at Central City (13450 102 Ave, Surrey)

For your information, the worksite at 13450 102nd Avenue (Central City) in Surrey will be behind picket lines tomorrow, Wednesday, July 18, 2023, as members of the Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) at SFU continue to fight for a fair contract. They have been on strike since early June.

TSSU members perform the majority of teaching work at SFU. Still, the Employer refuses to meaningfully discuss key problems such as increasing class sizes, overwork, the rising cost of living and housing, pensions and benefits for long-service employees. Not only will SFU not address the union’s demands, but they’re also insisting on making massive cuts to the Collective Agreement, including cutting seniority and promotion rights for sessional instructors, International Student Health Fee protections for over half of TSSU’s members, and the scholarship portion of wages for graduate student TAs (to be replaced with wages).

While you are encouraged to support these striking workers on the picket line during your off hours, including lunch and other breaks, the parties have negotiated access points, included in an order by the Labour Relations Board, so that you can get to work without crossing a picket line.

Access to the FHA offices will be through:

  • The parking lot access road signed as “Mall Entrance” and parking lot entrance from University Boulevard;
  • The parking lot elevator nearest to the “Mall Entrance” road;
  • The pathway and gangway from parking level P5 to the Central City Office Tower; and,
  • The pathway leading from the gangway to Fraser Health office doors on the 4th Floor.

Please click here to view the LRB order, including a map and photos, showing how to access the FHA offices.

If you do encounter a picket line, do not cross it. Your union contract protects you in the event you encounter a picket line. Contact the HSA office for direction at 604 517 0994 or send an email to info [at] hsabc.org. Please support your fellow workers on breaks during the day by joining them on the picket line or delivering some snacks or water.

Please share this information with other HSA members at your worksite.