Update on Community Health low wage redress

One of the features of the new Community Health collective agreement that expires on March 31, 2022 is a $40 million fund for low wage redress. This is different than the comparability monies distributed in the agreement that expires March 31, 2019 because it will be applied to a greater number of positions. You can find the collective agreement language HERE on the first page under “Low Wage Redress.”

The committee has made excellent progress since convening in fall 2018. What took two years last time is taking much less time this time around. This is due to a number of factors, but none is more important than having a Minister of Health who is working sincerely to fix the 16 years of neglect under the Liberal government.

The deadlines to reach agreement on the allocation of these monies has passed. However, the committee has been working hard to narrow the issues and we have made significant progress. We are very close to finalizing our work.

Some matters were referred to Arbitrator Ready by written submission and those matters have been settled, clearing the way for the committee to finish its work, which we are working hard to do. We expect to be finished sometime in the next 30 days.

As soon as the work is complete, we let you know the results.  

In solidarity,

Your CBA Low Wage Redress Committee

Brent Camilleri (BCGEU), Deb Wilson (BCGEU), Scott Delong (BCGEU), Monica Staff (UFCW), Chris Dorais (HEU), Derek Wong (HSA)