Update on Ongoing Pay Increase Delays

Ongoing delays in paying the wage increases negotiated in the 2022-2025 collective agreement are extremely frustrating for members and extremely concerning to the union. Delayed implementation of pay changes for new collective agreements almost always happens to some degree, but the extent of the delays in this instance is not acceptable.

While the problems are the responsibility of BC’s health authorities, and HSA has no direct control over the matter, the union continues to work to achieve a solution as quickly as possible.

Here is what HSA is doing:

  • HSA is in regular contact with the Health Employers’ Association of BC seeking updates and urging resolution.
  • HSA took legal action on March 23 by filing policy grievances directly to HEABC which capture all HSPBA employers across the province. These grievances will allow the union to take this dispute to independent arbitration where, if successful, a decision would correct the delay and also request the employer to pay interest on the amounts held back by the delays. The advancement to arbitration process has already been initiated, and until this matter is able to be heard by an arbitrator, the union will of course continue to pressure employers at the local level until the matter gets resolved.
  • HSA further advises all members still experiencing delays to connect with their local area stewards for assistance to file individual grievances.
  • HSA has been in regular contact with the BC Minister of Health to discuss the matter. Health Minister Adrian Dix responded to the matter directly at HSA’s convention on April 21, where he heard concerns expressed by union leadership and delegates, and has assured the union he shares our frustration with the delays. He has committed to seek a remedy as soon as possible, and has asked for regular reports on the issue from the health authorities.
  • HSA delegates to the annual convention last week passed an emergency resolution urging continued and increased pressure to achieve a resolution. The union is now working on plans to move ahead on this.

Many members are now receiving their pay increases, but many more are still waiting. The union will continue its efforts until all members are being paid the wages they are due by law.