Updates to BC’s Emergency Health Provider Registry

Since its launch, the Emergency Health Provider Registry (EHPR) has adapted to respond to health system emergencies (including floods, wildfires, and other climate-change related disasters) and the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 10,000 people are currently registered with the EHPR and the Ministry of Health is undertaking a refresh of the system to update registrant information and improve our capacity to contact and deploy registrants in a timely way.

As British Columbia heads into another summer of wild fires, Health Emergency Management BC is updating the provincial Emergency Health Provider Registry to assist in the coordination of relief staffing for health care providers. The update will clean up current registrant data and help to meet demand for additional supports for the province’s emergency response. 

As part of this refresh, all current EHPR registrants will receive an email which asks them to confirm their continued interest and availability, outlines some of the key areas of need at this time and directs them to a refreshed portal to re-enter their current information.

The registry was first created in 2017 to respond to an unprecedented season of wildfires. Since then, it has been maintained as a permanent registry that can be used for future disasters. Those who register will have their information retained in the registry for five years, with their consent.

Registration is voluntary, and is open to all registered or regulated health care professionals working for a BC Health Authority. While health care staff are encouraged to discuss with their supervisors their plans to register, permission from the employer is not required. The centralized registry helps connect the health authorities that are managing local emergencies with additional health care professionals who are willing to be deployed throughout the province.

Please note the new address for the registration form is: Health Provider Registry for BC’s Emergency Response (gov.bc.ca)