A valuable sector

Campbell River Courier-Islander

We would like to create an increased public awareness about a very valuable sector in Campbell River; community social services. Many people here rely on the programs and services that social service workers provide, however these services may not necessarily be known to those who have not yet needed them.
Community social service workers provide crucial services in Campbell River such as child, youth and family counseling, victim's assistance, family support, transitional housing and support, consultation to foster parents, sexual abuse counseling, pregnancy outreach, programs and support for new parents, early childhood behavior consultation, parent education and addictions counseling and services. In addition, the work of community social service providers is a force for maintaining family health and promoting child development in Campbell River.
We feel it is important that members of our community understand the value of the work that we as community social service workers do in creating healthy, happy, strong and supportive communities.
Without these services, our more vulnerable community members will be at a greater risk. Please support community social service workers and the services we provide.
Tami Riecker, Family Support Worker Campbell River Family Services