Victoria Walk calls for stronger commitment to community-based services

More than 300 people braved the rain on March 31 to show their support for programs and services that support victims of violence, youth at risk, people with developmental disabilities, women in transition, immigrant families and many others. 

Victorias 4th Annual Walk for Community Social Services was the final event, wrapping up a month of activities aimed at promoting a sector that is suffering from cutbacks and lack of adequate resources. 

Developmental Disabilities Association spokesperson Alanna Hendren reminded the gathering that 60 years ago community social services did not exist and that 20 years ago people with disabilities were still institutionalized. She recognized community social services workers saying: -Its because of you that people can live in community." 

Other speakers included child care support worker Andrea Duncan, Mickey Cook from the Victoria Native Friendship Centre ... and city councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe who brought greetings on behalf of the City of Victoria.

-Strong community social services are the backbone of healthy society," she said. 

The Walk was organized as part of Community Social Services 
Awareness Month ... celebrated throughout March ... which was proclaimed by the BC government and received declarations from more than 50 municipalities.
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