Workshop for young workers: How to support the journey towards reconciliation and allyship

DATE:              November 21, 2022
TIME:               9:00 am to 4:30 pm
LOCATION:    Virtual via Webex

HSA is pleased to offer this one-day virtual workshop specifically designed for HSA young workers (HSA members 35 and under). This year’s workshop, facilitated by the IISAAK OLAM Foundation (IOF), will support young workers in their journey to reconciliation and allyship by exploring the topics of climate justice and Indigenous-led conservation/resource management. The session will include a combination of storytelling, group discussion, and interactive learning, complemented by additional resources for those wishing to deepen their learning after the session. The following topics will be explored: 

  • Revisiting the Origin Story of Canada
    • From the original Peace and Friendship treaties to the Canada Act of 1982 (our constitution): Foundation stones of the relationship between Indigenous and newcomer Canadians, and commitments that are ours to live up to today
    • Indigenous rights, laws, and worldviews of interconnectedness
  • Truth and Reconciliation
    • Truth (naming the elephant/moose in the room): What historical and current injustices toward Indigenous Peoples are caused by conventional parks and protected areas?
    • Reconciliation (the way forward): How can conservation organizations move forward in a good way and support the decolonization of parks, protected areas, and organizational world views?
  • Climate Justice
    • How does climate justice relate to Indigenous rights in Canada?
    • How do Indigenous Peoples perceive climate change?
  • Introduction to Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs)
    • How IPCAs address both conservation and regional development and serve all people and nature
  • How to be good Allies
    • How to be an ally for indigenous leadership and IPCAs
  • Continued Education
    • Optional reading materials and learning resources

The IISAAK OLAM Foundation (IOF) is an Indigenous non-governmental organization and a registered not-for-profit society with an educational mandate. Their ultimate objective is to share knowledge and build capacity for Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs) and to provide opportunities to shift personal and institutional worldviews that lead to peace and friendship, as per the original treaties upon which “Canada” was created. Their diverse team works with Indigenous Nations, communities, governments, and organizations, as well as environmental NGOs and other civil society organizations, universities, the private sector, and Crown governments. They support Indigenous leadership in the conservation of biological and cultural diversity, the development of sustainable and resilient communities, reconciliation between Indigenous and newcomer societies, and innovative solutions for (re)connecting people with their environment. 

Facilitator bios: 

Eli Enns is an internationally recognized expert in Indigenous-led conservation. From Tla-o-qui-aht Nation on his father’s side, and of Dutch Mennonite heritage on his mother’s side, Eli promotes holistic solutions for community and ecosystem health and well-being. With a background in political science, Eli is a ‘Nation-builder’ with values and approaches rooted in Indigenous economic theory and practice. 

Dr. Soudeh Jamshidian is a passionate leader, experienced in crafting dynamic and creative solutions for addressing environmental and social justice challenges. She is a strategic problem solver experienced in policy design, community engagement, research, and education. Soudeh’s life journey has taken her to Iran, India, Afghanistan, Mali, and Canada to collaborate with local communities, policy makers, international organizations, and academics for conservation and resource management initiatives. She worked as Environmental Education and Outreach Expert for the United Nations Environment Program in Afghanistan (2009-2010), where she designed the strategic principles for community participation in Protected Areas (PAs). 

Dr. Justine Townsend is a community engagement professional, educator, and environmental practitioner with over 19 years’ experience working at the intersection of environmental sustainability, community development, and corporate social responsibility. As a Canadian citizen of European descent, Justine supports Indigenous governance and Indigenous-led conservation in part to advance reconciliation among settler and Indigenous peoples and with the earth. Justine’s expertise includes Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs), ethically braiding Western scientific and Indigenous knowledge systems, and communicating knowledge for impactful change. 

Monica Shore is the Executive Director of IISAAK OLAM Foundation. Monica is a highly strategic, creative, and solutions-oriented leader, acknowledged for her ability to transform visions, concepts and ideas into successful programs and initiatives. She deeply enjoys building meaningful relationships based on mutual respect, curiosity, and openness to change. Monica is a knowledge expert on Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas and UNESCO biosphere reserves and was Executive Director of the Canadian Biospheres Reserves Association from 2018-2019. Reconciliation is at the heart of her work and she is dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships that foster collaborative solutions for a sustainable future. 

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