Region 5 Director

HSA members elected Jill Slind in spring 2021, and acclaimed them in April 2023, to serve on the union’s board of directors representing Region 5, which includes a number of worksites in the Lower Mainland including BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital, and the Vancouver Cancer Centre.

A smiling person with short red hair and glasses, wearing a patterned blue top.

A computational biologist at the Vancouver Cancer Centre, Slind has been active in the union since 2017 as a steward and OHS joint committee member. They were elected as a member-at-large representing the region in 2019 and have served on the union’s Trials Committee, where she acted as chair, as well as the Resolutions Committee and the Young Workers’ Advisory Group. In addition, they are active as a Constituency Liaison and Labour Council delegate.

Their term of office will last until the end of HSA’s 2025 convention.

E-mail: Region 5 Regional Director

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