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Agreement reached for transferred Cardiology Technologists

TheHealth Science Professional Bargaining Association (HSPBA) has reachedagreement with the Health Employers Association of British Columbia concerningthe terms of transfer for Cardiology Technologists.

Theagreement is effective February 22, 2006 ... the date the Labour Relations Boarddetermined that Cardiology Technologists, including ElectrodiagnosticTechnologists, are in the Health Science Professional bargaining unit and arerepresented by HSA.

New health science professional wage rates now available

A complete wage grid" and wage rates" effective April 1, 2006 for the 2006 ... 2010 Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association (HSPBA) is now available for viewing and downloading on the HSA website at The wage rates and grid levels reflect the changes negotiated in the recent round of collective bargaining.

Unions and HEABC resolve April 1 wage increase issue

In early May, HEABC met with the Health Sciences Association (HSA) representing the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association and representatives of the Community Bargaining Association, the Facilities Bargaining Association and the Nurses Bargaining Association to discuss language within the new collective agreements regarding the effective date of wage increases.

Frequently asked questions about the new Health Science Professionals collective agreement

With the Health Science Professionals Collective Agreement now ratified, members can expect to see the provisions of the collective agreement to begin to take effect immediately. The following frequently asked questions are being distributed to members in response to numerous enquiries about key issues contained in the agreement.

For information about issues not covered in this bulletin, contact your steward.

Health science professionals ratify collective agreement

Health science professionals have voted 90 per cent to accept a four-year agreement.

-Health science professionals play an essential role in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients," said Health Sciences Association of BC President Cindy Stewart.

-This agreement recognizes the skills, training, and expertise that they bring to the job and is an important first step in ensuring that BC has the health science professionals we need now and in the future."

Health science professionals bargaining association name change

An application by HSA to change the name of the bargaining association covering health science professionals has been approved by the Labour Relations Board.

Effective immediately, the bargaining association will be known as the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association — a name that better reflects the work of the professionals covered by the contract. It was previously known as the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association.

Proposed terms of settlement booklet now available

With contract ratification meetings being scheduled for next week, the week of March 27, HSA has produced a comprehensive Report to Members on the Proposed Terms of Settlement. The booklet is available for download here.

All members are encouraged to review the detailed summary of the proposed collective agreement. Booklets will also be available at the ratification vote meetings being held throughout the province.

Health science professionals urged to vote YES

After almost two months at the bargaining table, your HSA bargaining committee has achieved a tentative agreement for a four-year contract.

The HSA Board of Directors and your bargaining committee strongly recommend that you vote YES in favour of the contract, as it goes a long way toward addressing the key bargaining priorities identified by members.

More details on wage package for health science professionals

A number of HSA members have contacted the office with questions about the tentative wage package for health science professionals. In particular, members are inquiring about how they will benefit from the cost-shared LTD plan.

Attached is a table outlining both the wage increases and the net benefit of the reduction in LTD premiums.