HSA strategic plan update

 HSA has embarked upon a process to update and renew our strategic plan. This process will span several months, culminating with presentation of the new, Board of Directors-approved plan to the Membership at our Annual Convention in May 2015.

Over the past few months, our consultant has engaged in information-gathering to help HSA leadership gain a better understanding the context for the union's strategic planning. The process involved in generating these findings comprised interviews, focus groups and online surveys, including one survey offered to the entire membership in October. Our sincere thanks to all those members who participated!

With the exception of the focus groups, all these activities were undertaken by an external consulting firm, independent of HSA employees or Board of Directors. Findings from the entire process were reviewed, analyzed, compared and summarized for the Board and Expanded Management Team. During a workshop on December 2, this group received the consultant's report on findings, and used this information to shape their thinking as they drafted the new strategic plan. This work will continue at a second workshop in late February.

As the strategic planning process continues, your input is welcome. Please contact: Miriam Sobrino, Director, Communications (@email).