Report from Your 2023 Core Member Engagement Team

The Core Member Engagement Team (CMET) is a hands-on union program that allows members to engage other members. During the six week program the members connected with different sites and helped with building chapters to help give people their voice in the union. Here is what the 2023 team worked on, in their own words.

Group photo of 2023 CMET participants

"We are eight members from different sites across the province. We represented different bargaining agreements and professions, different schedules and belonged to various minority groups. All of us were able to have meaningful interactions with members. Some topics we focused on were: reclassification, resolutions, how to become involved in the union, and most importantly member recognition and appreciation. Over the six week period, we were able to have meaningful interactions with over 1300 members at over 70 worksites!"

CMET member giving away swag to HSA members

"We engaged members by having appreciation events including breakfasts, Booster Juice, MRT pizza dinner, donuts and coffee, a cookie vendor, and more. In the Lower Mainland, many members were able to spin a wheel and get treats and swag. Overall, we went to a variety of smaller and larger sites, focusing on providing engagement, information and education."

CMET member Koreen ready to give away Booster Juice to members

It was a very fun and rewarding experience to connect with members during walkabouts and other events to boost their day. Particularly, supporting and encouraging  those who previously had little interaction with our union and those who were new to leading a chapter. Eating donuts and growing our solidarity - does it get any better? - Koreen, Above right.

CMET Brigette ready for a worksite event!

I felt excited to start and I wasn't too sure of expectations or what the day to day would look like but I had this feeling it was going to be a great opportunity professionally and personally.  When it ended I understood why the beginning days were vague - it gave us the opportunity to explore our goals and figure out how to make an impact. I was grateful for this incredible opportunity and I can say I have many more friends across the province now thanks to CMET 2023. I recommend the CMET program and encourage others to take that leap in the future. - Brigette, Above left.

CMET members and staff leading a worksite discussion

We want to invite you to become a member of the 2024 group. For more details about CMET, you can refer to the FAQ on the HSA website. Please keep an eye on your inbox for an email in Summer 2024 with information on how you can apply to be a part of CMET 2024.