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Enhanced Disability Management Program to provide stronger safety net for members

December 1, 2011
The Report: December 2011 vol.32 num.4 -HOW WILL I TAKE CARE OF MY FAMILY if I get sick, or become unable to work?" Thats a question that hovers in the back of almost everyones mind. We assume that our health benefits will take care of us, and for the most part, they do.

Are you affected by helicopter fumes?

September 1, 2011
The Report: September 2011 vol.32 num.3 STUDIES NOT CONCLUSIVE BUT HSA MEMBERS REPORT VARIETY OF SYMPTOMS BY MARTY LOVICK EVERY DAY, HELICOPTERS TAKE OFF AND LAND at worksites staffed by HSA members. The helicopters are a vital means of transport for the most critically sick and injured, but they are also a source of fumes which may be making staff themselves sick.

Violent incidents go underreported

September 1, 2011
The Report: September 2011 vol.32 num.3 SURVEY OF MEMBERS REVEAL SOME BELIEVE VIOLENCE IS PART OF THE JOB BY MARTY LOVICK -VIOLENCE", ACCORDING TO WORKSAFEBC regulation 4.27, is the attemped or actual exercise by a person, other than a worker, of any physical force so as to cause injury to a worker, and includes and threatening statements or behaviour which gives a worker reasonable cause to believe that he or she is at risk of injury.