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An historic opportunity

June 13, 2017
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2017 BY VAL AVERY, PRESIDENT It wasn't easy to figure out what was going on during election night, but it was apparent right away that BC had voted for change.

What does the election outcome mean for HSA?

June 12, 2017
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2017 Nobody can remember a provincial election like this one. Most election results can be called about an hour after the polls close on election day. This one left people guessing for weeks. And while the exceptionally close results mean it’s hard to predict what will happen in the longer term, the governing agreement between the NDP and the Greens holds significant promise for health care and community social services in BC.

John Hindle, respiratory therapist

June 12, 2017
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2017 BY LAURA BUSHEIKIN When respiratory therapist John Hindle first got involved in HSA as a shop steward, his goal was fairly modest. "I just wanted to help resolve some problems at my workplace," says Hindle. But once he started learning about union issues, Hindle wanted more.

A membership mosaic

June 9, 2017
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2017 Recognition of diversity is now essential to the health of our society and the strength of organizations. Today, leading institutions seek to understand the unique experience of their members in order to better represent and serve them.

Supporting early childhood education

June 9, 2017
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2017 HSA President Val Avery was invited to speak as a special guest at the Early Childhood Educators of BC conference in May. HSA served as a sponsor for the conference and Avery took part in a panel discussion on building professionalism.

Horgan pledges "I've got your back"

June 8, 2017
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2017 BC NDP Leader John Horgan pledged to fight for public servants during a speech to HSA convention delegates in May. "The people in this room, and the people outside this room, who work every day for a living, have not had someone watching their back," said Horgan. "I will have your back, and I'll be fighting for you every step of the way."

2017 David Bland Award

June 4, 2017
CT TECHNOLOGIST KAREN HAMILTON AND X-RAY TECHNOLOGIST BRENDA HAUCK RECEIVE THE 2017 DAVID BLAND AWARD FROM REGION 7 DIRECTOR MARG BEDDIS. HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2017 Brenda Hauck, X ray technologist at Saanich Peninsula Hospital and Karen Hamilton, CT Technologist at Saanich Peninsula HospitaL, shared the 2017 David Bland Award.

HSA members eligible for NUPGE scholarship program

December 5, 2016
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, DECEMBER 2016 NUPGE scholarships are open to the children, grandchildren or foster children of HSA members who are starting a post-secondary education. Each year, the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) offers scholarships that reflect its pursuit of equal opportunity for all workers. Historically there have been four scholarships, and for 2017, NUPGE has added the Brian Fudge Memorial Scholarship. BRIAN FUDGE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

Want to help bring change to BC?

November 28, 2016
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, DECEMBER 2016 There are a lot of good reasons to get involved in an election campaign. Many members decide to work on an election campaign because they belong to a political party, or get inspired by the party leader. Lexie Mercier, a health information management professional at the BC Cancer Agency, had a more personal reason.

Something must be done

November 22, 2016
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, DECEMBER 2016 Shortages of health professionals are hurting patient care and the people who deliver it. HSA is taking action by raising public awareness of how shortages create longer wait times, while mobilizing members to provide key information on where and how the resulting workload issues are happening.