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More details on wage package for health science professionals

March 20, 2006
A number of HSA members have contacted the office with questions about the tentative wage package for health science professionals. In particular, members are inquiring about how they will benefit from the cost-shared LTD plan. Attached is a table outlining both the wage increases and the net benefit of the reduction in LTD premiums.

Health science professionals urged to vote YES

March 20, 2006
After almost two months at the bargaining table, your HSA bargaining committee has achieved a tentative agreement for a four-year contract. The HSA Board of Directors and your bargaining committee strongly recommend that you vote YES in favour of the contract, as it goes a long way toward addressing the key bargaining priorities identified by members.

No point in continuing talks until employers make a meaningful offer

March 17, 2006
Community social services workers have stepped back from the bargaining table and won't return until employers are prepared to seriously address workers' key issues of wages, benefits and job security, the Union Bargaining Association (UBA) announced today. Dowload full version as PDF

Negotiations proceeding on schedule and on topic

March 17, 2006
First, the Nurses Bargaining Association would like to congratulate the HEU and the HSA on their tentative collective agreements. Your bargaining committee is analyzing the details of these two collective agreements to understand the improvements in contract language and the financial costing of the packages. Download full version as PDF

Unions table proposals

March 16, 2006
On Wednesday, March 15, the Community Health Bargaining Association tabled a comprehensive package of proposals in an effort to facilitate movement towards agreement on a fair collective agreement. Download full version as PDF

Details of tentative health science professionals agreement

March 15, 2006
A tentative agreement has been reached between the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association and the Health Employers Association of BC following intense negotiations over the weekend. Download complete text as PDF (includes highlights of the four-year agreement)

Latest on pay, job security from community health employers -pretty underwhelming"

March 14, 2006
It took them three days to respond, but in bargaining Monday evening the Health Employers Association of B.C. finally tabled counter offers on the key union priorities of wages and job security. Lori Horvat, an HSA representative on the Community Bargaining Association bargaining committee, said the employer tabled a job security package that they admitted they couldnt deliver on.

Tentative deal reached for health science professionals

March 14, 2006
A tentative agreement has been reached between the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association and the Health Employer\s Association of BC for a four-year contract.Chief negotiator Ron Ohmart says the union bargaining association made gains on all of the key bargaining objectives. More details will be made available tomorrow.

Workers need real money, benefits and job security

March 14, 2006
The employers' bargaining agent has tabled a counter-proposal that falls far short of addressing community social services workers demands. Here's what the Community Social Services Employers' Association (CSSEA) is offering now:

Community health talks to go through weekend

March 11, 2006
As contract talks for 13,000 community health workers get set to go through the weekend, HSA negotiators Charlie Wheat and Lori Horvat report that while small progress has been made in the past several days, health employers have still not moved on the key issues for front line workers.