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Community social service workers on strike; vulnerable families last on BC governments priority list

October 16, 2012
Fifteen thousand community-based social service workers across BC are in a position to strike as of today, and rotating job action begins with a rally at Christy Clarks MLA office in Kitsilano today starting at 10am. HSA President Reid Johnson says the BC government has put vulnerable families last on its priority list, slashing $300 million in funding since 2004 for programs that support the developmentally disabled, vulnerable women, at-risk youth, and children and infants in community-based programs across the province.

Information meetings re: nurses tentative agreement Tuesday October 16

October 15, 2012
Important information meetings about the tentative agreement reached between the Nurses Bargaining Association and Health Employers' Association of BC are being held as follows: HSA's board of directors urges HSA registered psychiatric nurses to vote "no" to the tentative agreement, as it introduces an element of two-tiered benefits, opening the door to an erosion of benefits for all nurses in the future.

Community Social Services: Job action starts next week

October 12, 2012
Members will be contacted directly if their workplace is a target for job action Targeted job action in community social services will start next week with a protest at BC Liberal Premier Christy Clarks constituency office in Vancouver on October 16. 

Telephone town hall meetings set Wednesday for information about the tentative nurses deal

October 9, 2012
HSAs registered psychiatric nurses, covered by the Nurses Bargaining Association collective agreement, are invited to participate in one of two telephone town hall meetings scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday October 10. To join the call, simply answer the phone, and you will be connected. Please ensure HSA has your personal / home phone number by emailing your full name and contact info to ... or you can sign in at and update your information by logging in.

Two weeks scheduled for health science professionals bargaining

October 9, 2012
In the wake of tentative agreements reached in the master provincial government workers (BCGEU) and nurses bargaining (NBA) contracts, the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association (HSPBA) and Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) return to the bargaining table today. Jeanne Meyers, chief negotiator for the HSPBA, said the bargaining association is optimistic that the tentative agreements achieved at those two tables signals a willingness by government to return to the health science professionals bargaining table with an appetite to bargain.

Information package: Nurses Bargaining Association tentative agreement for 2012-2014

October 8, 2012
Highlights: Nurses Bargaining Association tentative agreement  

HSA urges nurses to vote -NO" to nurses tentative agreement

October 4, 2012
Provisions to address workload issues come at the expense of BCs future nurses, and thats too high a price to pay, says HSA president Reid Johnson. The unions board of directors is recommending HSA members, registered psychiatric nurses covered by the Nurses Bargaining Association (NBA) collective agreement, vote -NO" to the tentative collective agreement reached last week between the NBA and Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC).

New agreement aims to reduce nurses' workload

October 3, 2012
Times Colonist (Victoria)

Community Health Services and Support: 86 per cent vote in favour of job action

October 3, 2012
Union members who work in Community Health Services and Support sector have voted 86 per cent in favour of job action. HSA President Reid Johnson said this strong mandate is a clear message to employers. "Our members in community health help hold our communities together," he said. "It's time for the Health Employers' Association of BC and the BC government to recognize the invaluable services provided by these members, and to value the needs of their patients and clients."

HSA provides support for members to attend election campaign training

October 2, 2012
Over the next few months, various organizations will be offering election campaign training. HSA members may apply for Political Action Fund support to attend election campaign training which is: