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Help for Haiti

February 2, 2010
HSA's board of directors has made a $10,000 donation on behalf of HSA members to the Haitian relief efforts. HSA joins with individuals, organizations, and governments around the world that are mobilizing to provide food, shelter, and medical aid for the Haitian people devasted by the January 12 earthquake that has demolished large parts of the country and left hundreds of thousands dead or homeless.

West Coast LEAF seeks HSA members input on consequences of legal aid cuts on patients and clients

February 2, 2010
In 2004, West Coast Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) collaborated with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) to produce an in-depth study about the effects of cuts to legal aid. Legal Aid Denied: Women and the Cuts to Legal Services in BC examined the recent history and cumulative effects of cuts, undermining the health, safety, livelihoods, and families in need of legal assistance.

What are cuts costing you?

February 1, 2010
You and your family depend on BC's public services. So why doesn't the BC Government undestand that when they cut public services, they hurt your family and community. HSA and other unions have joined to support the BC Federation of Labour "Cuts Cost You More," advertising campaign. Visit the BC Federation of Labour website to hear the radio ad and see the print ad.

Bait and switch: Governments using crisis to attack health care

February 1, 2010
The Report: February 2010 vol.31 num.1 AS THIS ISSUE OF THE REPORT GOES TO PRESS British Columbians are bracing for two very austere budgets from the provincial and federal governments. Both Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper seem poised to use the financial crisis as a rationale for making deep cuts that will permanently damage our health care system. Sadly, weve seen this before.

Bringing hope to shadows

February 1, 2010
The Report: February 2010 vol.31 num.1 BY LAURA BUSHEIKIN ASK YOUTH CARE COUNSELLOR CURTIS HINES what the best part of his job is and he can answer in one word: -Hope," he says. Hines counsels mentally ill youth who are in adolescent psychiatric wards, and provides support for their families. Witnessing young people caught in the suffering of mental illness is not always easy, but what counts, says Hines, is that he can help.

Fighting cancer one cell at a time

February 1, 2010
The Report: February 2010 vol.31 num.1 BY LAURA BUSHEIKIN UP UNTIL HIS LAST YEAR OF UNIVERSITY, David Ko didnt have a clue what flow cytometry was. Now, five years later, this highly specialized laboratory technique is what he does every day at work... and he couldnt be happier. Ko works at the BC Cancer Agency where he provides flow cytometry services to researchers, aiding them in their quest to find a cure for cancer.

Provincial cuts hammer HIV/AIDS services

February 1, 2010
The Report: February 2010 vol.31 num.1 ON DECEMBER 1, as local and national governments around the world reaffirmed their commitment to continue the fight against HIV and AIDS, BCs government announced plans to do the opposite. Effective December 1 ... World AIDS Day ... BCs Ministry of Health imposed funding cuts to community- based HIV and AIDS service organizations, including AIDS Vancouver.

HSA supports member involvement in grassroots political action

February 1, 2010
The Report: February 2010 vol.31 num.1 BY CAROLE RIVIERE THE NUMBER OF HSA MEMBERS involved in political action around the province has increased exponentially over the last few years. HSA has supported more members than ever before to run for political office, work on election campaigns, and attend a range of different workshops to acquire the knowledge and skills to be involved in elections. But in addition to electoral politics, HSA members around the province are also increasingly involved in political action at the grassroots level.

Attend vigil for autism services Monday, February 1

January 29, 2010
Despite wide-spread public outcry and media attention, the Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (EIBI) program for children with autism is closing its doors this week due to government funding cuts. At Queen Alexandra Center for Child Health on Vancouver Island, 40 experienced and highly-trained therapists have lost their jobs. Today is their last day of work. These cuts were triggered this fall by Children and Family Development Minister Mary Polak, who announced funding for autism services for children under age 6 would be cut by more than $3 million.

CoDev Canada invites HSA members to World Community Film Festival January 29-31

January 26, 2010
CoDevelopment Canada invites HSA members and friends to its World Community Film Festival, January 29-31, 2010 at Langara College. The ninth annual film festival features documentaries set around the globe about social justice, food security, and environmental issues.