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Residential Schools: Moving from apology to action

June 11, 2008
In the June 11 Vancouver Sun, the B.C. Federation of Labour, and several of its affiliated unions, including HSA, called on Canadians to move from apology to action to work to improve the lives of Canada's First Nations. The Canadian government's formal apology yesterday over horrific abuses in residential schools is an important first step. Now we all need to do our part to move forward from apology to action - to go forward with aboriginal people on the path to reconciliation, self-determination, dignity and justice that has so long been denied.

CoDevelopment Canada plans delegation to Americas Social Forum

June 5, 2008
CoDevelopment Canada is organizing a small delegation to attend the 3rd Americas Social Forum in Guatemala in October 2008. HSA's Committee for Equality and Social Action supports the work of CoDev, an organization that links Canadian unions and community groups with counterparts in Latin America. Download information about the Americas Social Forum delegation here.

Hold government accountable

June 1, 2008
The Report: June / July 2008 vol.29 num.2 by REID JOHNSON

Age discrimination and work injuries

June 1, 2008
The Report: June / July 2008 vol.29 num.2 by SARAH OLEARY

Enriching recreation therapy for a culturally diverse facility

June 1, 2008
The Report: June / July 2008 vol.29 num.2 by LAURA BUSHEIKIN and YUKIE KURAHASHI

Lab tech encourages growth through union activism

June 1, 2008
The Report: June / July 2008 vol.29 num.2 by LAURA BUSHEIKIN

Bill 42 still a gag law despite government amendments

May 28, 2008
The B.C. Federation of Labour is renewing its call on the Campbell government to kill Bill 42. Bowing to widespread and sustained public criticism, Attorney General Wally Oppal this morning presented minor amendments to Bill 42. "The Campbell government wanted to gag free speech rights for five months, now they want to gag free speech for three months," said B.C. Federation of Labour President, Jim Sinclair. "Bill 42 is still a gag law." Bill 42 also includes changes to voter identification requirements that will make it difficult for the homeless to vote.

CHPS delivers message on shortages to Commons committee

May 28, 2008
Ottawa (28 May 2008) - Canada desperately needs an effective strategic national plan to train more health professionals, says the Canadian Health Professionals Secretariat (CHPS). "Otherwise, efforts to improve access and modernize the system will fail," secretariat co-chair Elisabeth Ballermann told the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health Tuesday.   See full brief here.

NUPGE submission to Mental Health Commission of Canada

May 28, 2008
'Profound change is essential if people living with mental illness are to receive the help they need and deserve.' - James Clancy Ottawa (26 May 2008) - The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) has presented a 14-page brief to the Mental Health Commission of Canada recommending broad change in four key areas ... the national public health care system, health human resources, community-based social services and the criminal justice system.