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Government betrayal an unprecedented abuse of power

January 25, 2002
Gordon Campbell is poisoning labour relations in British Columbia and plunging the province into an era of chaos, say representatives of the BC Government and Service Employees Union, the Hospital Employees Union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the Health Sciences Association, and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 1518.

Liberal attack on contracts will increase health care shortages, says HSA

January 25, 2002
Todays attack on health care contracts will have a devastating impact on the provinces ability to recruit and retain health care professionals, says Cindy Stewart, President of the Health Sciences Association of BC. Stewart says that under the new legislation, there will no longer be any provincial mechanism for keeping track of displaced health care professionals and relocating them to communities where their services are needed. Instead, the government has off-loaded responsibility for recruitment and retention to local health authorities.

Liberals attack workers' rights on basic safety and Workers' Compensation

January 1, 2002
The Report: January / February 2002 vol.23 num.1 by CAROL RIVIERE, RACHEL NOTLEY, SARAH O'LEARY, with YUKIE KURAHASHI If you suffer a workplace injury or illness, you may soon find that your workers compensation coverage has been abridged and reduced.

Facing the future with renewed determination

January 1, 2002
The Report: January / February 2002 vol.23 num.1 by CINDY STEWART Throughout the fall, your board of directors hosted the annual regional meetings to hear from the members about your issues and concerns. Following the summer of contract talks, job action and a change in government, the regional meetings were a timely opportunity for all of us to review the work of the union, what we need to do better, and what we can do differently.

Celebrating women's rights

January 1, 2002
The Report: January / February 2002 vol.23 num.1 by MAUREEN ROSS While serving six years on the HSA Board of Directors, I have written a number of these -Across the Province" reports on a variety of subjects. For my final report, I would like to explore with you the history of International Womens Day, celebrated around the world on March 8 of each year.

Bumping rights

January 1, 2002
The Report: January / February 2002 vol.23 num.1 by JEANNE MEYERS What rights do HSA members have to "bump" when faced with a lay-off?

BC Labour's initiative: the Working Opportunity Fund

January 1, 2002
The Report: January / February 2002 vol.23 num.1 by MAUREEN WHELAN Each year around this time, The Report features an advertisement for the Working Opportunity Fund (WOF) as members gear up to invest in their RRSPs. Some of you may wonder what’s the connection between HSA and WOF.

Music therapy: for heart and mind

January 1, 2002
The Report: January / February 2002 vol.23 num.1 by YUKIE KURAHASHI Wendy Watts was well on her way to becoming a concert pianist when she changed her mind. -I was training for a degree in music, but I had always wanted to be either a counsellor or social worker," she said. -So I thought music therapy was a good combination: using my music to help people."

Canadian Labour Congress backs HSA complaint against BC government's imposed health contract

December 20, 2001
Ken Georgetti, President of the Canadian Labour Congress, is supporting complaints against the Government of British Columbia made by the Health Sciences Association of BC to the International Labour Organization (ILO) on the legislation passed in the summer that restricted health science professionals collective bargaining rights and imposed a two-tiered wage contract on the unions representing the 14,000 members.

Restructuring announcement a smokescreen for service cuts - HSA president Cindy Stewart says

December 12, 2001
Today's announcement of a massive restructuring of the system of health care governance in BC is a smokescreen for the Liberal government's real agenda for health care, Health Sciences Association of BC President Cindy Stewart said. "The health care system has been through structuring and restructuring for a decade. The centrepiece of our health care system cannot be process. It has to be patients," Stewart said.