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Never a dull moment in Region 3

March 1, 1998
The Report: March / April 1998 vol.18 num.7 by CHERYL GREENHALGH Greetings from Region 3. We are HSA members working in almost 40different facilities located on the North Shore and in the cities from Burnaby to MapleRidge. As in other regions, the past year has not been a boring one.

Counsellor praises move to HSA

March 1, 1998
The Report: March / April 1998 vol.18 num.7 by DAN KEETON Wedlidi Speck couldn’t get enthused about the drive to unionize his work place. Infact, the counsellorat the John Howard Society in Courtenay was downright opposed to it. It was an unusual beginning for someone who now takes an active role in his union. Infact, Speck, a nine-year veteran, helped negotiate the bargaining unit’s firstcollective agreement. A counsellor who uses both conventional and First Nations methods in his work, Speckapplied a live-and-let-live approach to the unionization drive.

Good news for long-term LTD recipients wishing to return to work

March 1, 1998
The Report: March / April 1998 vol.18 num.7 The Return to Work fund provides up to $10,000 to successful applicantsfrom the major health care unions, including HSA. The $150,000 fund is open to those onLTD or those waiting for LTD benefits and who wish to return to work but face some kind ofbarrier.

What are the criteria used to determine who is a paramedical professional?

March 1, 1998
The Report: March / April 1998 vol.18 num.7 by JEANNE MEYERS

...Therefore be it resolved

January 3, 1998
HSA members will soon be preparing for the 2011 HSA Convention, to be held April 19, 20, and 21, 2011 at the Westin Bayshore Hotel in Vancouver.Conventions are the unions annual meeting where chapters from around the province determine the future direction of the union.  Policies, actions, constitutional amendments, structural changes are all discussed and debated at convention.

HSA members return Joan Magee as Region 8 Director

January 1, 1998
Joan Magee, a laboratory technologist at Cariboo Memorial Hospital, has been acclaimed as the Region 8 representative on the HSA Board of Directors after the January 27th deadline passed with no further nominations. Joan is a charter member of HSA and has served as a chief steward at Cariboo Memorial Hospital in Williams Lake since 1996. As a Member-At-Large for Region 10, she served on the unions Education and Resolutions Committees. She currently serves on the Political Action and Finance Committees. She is also a Trustee for HSA LTD Trust #1.