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OHS conference examines mental health issues in workplace

June 20, 2016
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE JULY 2013 Activists from around the province gathered in early June for a conference on occupational health and safety. The OHS conference provided an opportunity for OHS and Enhanced Disability Management Stewards to come together, share experiences and find solutions to health, safety and injury prevention concerns in their workplaces. Seventy-five activists spent time in plenary sessions and workshops discussing a wide range of issues important to HSA members.

Tough new rules on fingerprinting

April 18, 2016

Fighting for members at the Supreme Court of Canada

April 18, 2016
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, APRIL 2016 A CANCER CLUSTER IS FOUND HSA members Katrina Hammer and Anne MacFarlane, and HEU member Patricia Schmidt, all worked in the laboratory at Mission Memorial Hospital. All three contracted breast cancer, and an investigation into the cancer identified there was a cancer cluster in the laboratory – where the incidence of breast cancer was eight times the rate of breast cancer in BC. THEIR CLAIMS ARE DENIED

Heroes in the workplace

April 6, 2016
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, APRIL 2016 BY DAVID DURNING, OHS OFFICER The Canadian Mental Health Association's annual Bottom Line Conference brings together workers, employers and researchers to find ways of improving mental health in Canadian workplaces. This year, HSA sponsored two members to attend the conference held recently in Vancouver.

OHS: Break the silence on violence

December 3, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, DECEMBER 2015 BY DAVID DURNING, HSA OHS OFFICER A recent survey of emergency department staff at Abbotsford Regional Hospital indicated that more than half of those who had recently experienced violence on the job didn't report those events.

Changes provide stronger safety regulations

September 9, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 2015 BY DAVID DURNING, HSA OHS OFFICER Recent amendments to the Workers Compensation Act are meant to improve workplace health and safety and to provide stronger tools to WorkSafeBC officers for enforcing the Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.

2015 Bland award honours sonographers

June 15, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2015 HSA member David Bland was a vocational counsellor who worked at Richmond Mental Health Services. At the end of an otherwise ordinary work day in January of 2005, as David left his workplace, a former client was waiting in the parking lot – and fatally stabbed David. To honour his memory, the union established the David Bland Memorial Award in 2007 to honour the important work that members undertake as advocates for their colleagues in ensuring we all work in a safe environment.

Action on cardiac sonographer injuries

March 11, 2015
HSA REPORT, MARCH 2015 BY DAVID DURNING, HSA OHS OFFICER Diagnostic Medical Sonographers – workers who specialize in the use of imaging devices to produce diagnostic images, scans and videos – have always been at risk for developing work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Those injuries include tendonitis, bursitis and muscle and nerve damage to hands, arms, elbows, shoulders, necks and backs.

Guarding minds at work

March 10, 2015
HSA REPORT, MARCH 2015 BY VAL AVERY, HSA PRESIDENT Workload and stress are among the most serious workplace challenges of our time. As a union, we're seeing an increasing number of members, from all professions, paying a terrible price for this. Compromised performance, increased illness and disability wreak havoc on professionals, their families, and the health care system itself.

Ebola: members say we're still not ready

November 28, 2014
HSA REPORT, DECEMBER 2014 By David Durning, HSA Senior OHS Officer Over the years, Canadian workers have fought for and gained important workplace health and safety rights. The diligent exercise of these rights is proven to be the most effective way of ensuring workplace hazards are controlled. These rights, enshrined in legislation and regulation, are: