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Paperwork isn't pointless

November 27, 2014
HSA REPORT, DECEMBER 2014 Nu Lu was frustrated.

Occupational health and safety needs you

November 24, 2014
HSA REPORT, DECEMBER 2014 By David Durning, HSA Senior OHS Officer

OHS conference sets priorities to make you safer

September 26, 2014
BY DAVID DURNING, HSA OHS OFFICER HSA’s Occupational Health and Safety Conference held in June provided a great opportunity for OHS activists to connect with each other, share information and plan for the future. Keynote speakers Dr. Joti Samra and Al Bieksa contributed significantly to a two-day event designed to provide tools, resources and planning opportunities for nearly 100 HSA joint occupational health and safety committee representatives from all across the province.

HSA to join task force on mental health and addictions

February 27, 2014
HSA REPORT, MARCH 2014 In response to escalating police involvement in what has been called a mental health crisis, the Vancouver Police department recently produced a report which points to a steady increase in mental health related police incidents and proposed an action plan aimed at moving away from a crisis response model to a more community based, stakeholder driven model.

The importance of accident investigations

February 19, 2014
HSA REPORT, MARCH 2014 BY DAVID DURNING In British Columbia workplaces, employers are required to undertake investigations into any accident or incident that:

OHS: Sometimes there's no time to search the web

October 7, 2013
THE REPORT: OCTOBER 2013 BY DAVID DURNINGOCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY OFFICER WorkSafeBC has ruled that posters and hard copies of first aid information must be properly posted and readily available to workers throughout FHA work locations. BACKGROUND

New rules target harassment and bullying in BC

June 26, 2013
  THE REPORT: JULY 2013 November 1 is the day new workplace rules regarding harassment and bullying come into effect in British Columbia. This is the second part of a change in workers' compensation legislation brought about with the introduction of Bill 14 in 2011. The first change dealt with the issue of compensation for mental disorders. Since July 1, 2012, an expanded definition states that a worker is entitled to compensation where a mental disorder is a reaction to:

WCB changes won't help victims of mental stress

September 1, 2012
The Report: September 2012 vol.33 num.3 Bill 14 is being heralded for making BC a leader on workplace mental health and stress. But in practice it will make life harder for employees facing mental stress.

At last: WorkSafeBC action on ultrasonographer injuries

February 1, 2012
The Report: February 2012 vol.33 num.1 HSA OVERCOMES YEARS OF WORKSAFE BC INDIFFERENCE TO HIGH INJURY RATE BY MARTY LOVICK IN JANUARY, HSA AND WORKSAFE BC began distribution of a publication that aims to reduce the high level of work-related injuries for ultrasonographers. Its a major achievement, and one which came only after years of effort by the Health Sciences Association.

HSA urging employers to reduce on call and call back work

December 1, 2011
The Report: December 2011 vol.32 num.4 SURVEY CONFIRMS MEMBERS WORRY INSUFFICIENT REST IS PUTTING THEIR SAFETY AT RISK HSA MEMBERS WORKING ON CALL or call back say theyre suffering from fatigue thats so serious it sometimes jeopardizes their personal safety.