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Bringing mental health professions into the light

October 5, 2017
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, SEPTEMBER 2017 HSA'S newest ad shines a light on the professions delivering mental health care in BC.

How is workload affecting your patients?

September 28, 2017
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, SEPTEMBER 2017 A random survey conducted last fall found that 75 per cent of members are concened that workload is negatively impacting patient care. Over the course of 2016, HSA consulted thousands of members in several surveys. Over 5000 members completed a short survey on workload. Another 1400 completed a comprehensive survey. A futher 2500 were randomly sampled.

Watch out for member engagement team

September 27, 2017
HSA Report Magazine, September 2017 Last fall, HSA's mobilizing team brought together a small group of HSA members who wanted to do something more.

A return to good faith

September 25, 2017
REPORT MAGAZINE, SEPTEMBER 2017 BY VAL AVERY, PRESIDENT, HSA Months of uncertainty ended July 9. That's when an historic agreement between the NDP and Green Party of BC created a governing coalition that could hold a majority of seats in the BC Legislature, and bring down the minority BC Liberal government that had been hanging on since the May election. Years of indifference ended July 18. That's when Premier John Horgan and his cabinet was sworn in after 16 years of BC Liberal government.

Labour councils gearing up for local government elections

September 24, 2017
REPORT MAGAZINE, SEPTEMBER 2017 BY CAROL RIVIERE, HSA COMMUNICATIONS Choosing the politicians who govern our communities at the municipal or regional district level, and the school trustees who make decisions that affect our children's education, is a critical issue for working families. Over the next few months, several communities around the province will hold by-elections to fill vacant positions, and in the fall of 2018 there will be local government elections around the province.

Update on benefits for community social services

September 24, 2017
BY DENNIS BLATCHFORD, HSA PENSIONS AND BENEFITS ADVOCATE Q: I have been following the Health Sciences Benefit Trust (JHSBT) for Health Science Professional Bargaining Association members, and am wondering if there is any news about benefits for community social services professionals. I understood there was a commitment to review benefit plans in my sector as well. Is that the case?

Psychological health and safety in the workplace

September 24, 2017
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, SEPTEMBER 2017 BY GERI GRIGG, HSA OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY OFFICEER Each year more than 20 per cent of Canadians experience a mental health issue or illness.

An historic opportunity

June 13, 2017
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2017 BY VAL AVERY, PRESIDENT It wasn't easy to figure out what was going on during election night, but it was apparent right away that BC had voted for change.

What does the election outcome mean for HSA?

June 12, 2017
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2017 Nobody can remember a provincial election like this one. Most election results can be called about an hour after the polls close on election day. This one left people guessing for weeks. And while the exceptionally close results mean it’s hard to predict what will happen in the longer term, the governing agreement between the NDP and the Greens holds significant promise for health care and community social services in BC.

John Hindle, respiratory therapist

June 12, 2017
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2017 BY LAURA BUSHEIKIN When respiratory therapist John Hindle first got involved in HSA as a shop steward, his goal was fairly modest. "I just wanted to help resolve some problems at my workplace," says Hindle. But once he started learning about union issues, Hindle wanted more.