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Bargaining opens for health science professionals collective agreement

March 17, 2010
Talks got underway today in Burnaby for a new collective agreement for health science professionals who deliver the critical diagnostic, clinical and rehabilitation services British Columbians depend on for their good health. Reid Johnson, President of the Health Sciences Association of BC, said the bargaining committees mandate is to achieve a collective agreement that protects quality health care and values the work of health science professionals.

HSA endorses Coalition to Build a Better BC

March 16, 2010
Highlights effects of health and social service cuts This week, the Coalition to Build a Better BC announced that more than 25 groups have joined together to oppose provincial government funding cuts and to work on real solutions to build a better province. HSA is among the members of the Coalition, which includes groups from the arts community, first nations, health care, community services, organized labour, post-secondary students, youth, environmental and faith groups.

Community social services: Education fund applications due March 31

March 4, 2010
(This information applies to HSA members of the Community Social Services Bargaining Association.) A professional development education fund announced in November is still available to HSA members in the community social services sector. Applications are due March 31, 2010. Professional development that could be considered for funding includes:

March 2010: HSA celebrates Community Social Services Month

March 4, 2010
To celebrate Community Social Services Month in BC, unions representing workers in the community social services sector have been working together to develop a poster, leaflet, and website.

Additional steward workshop scheduled

March 4, 2010
Due to increased demand for steward training, HSA is offering the following workshop: Basic Steward Training(3-day workshop): May 10, 11, 12, 2010 Please apply ASAP as workshops have been filling up quickly. Pre-registration forms are available from the HSA website at

UPDATE: Community Social Services: HSA encourages enrolment in Municipal Pension Plan

March 4, 2010
In 2006, community social services workers represented by HSA finally won access to the Municipal Pension Plan. You may be eligible to enrol starting April 1, 2010. HSA strongly recommends all eligible employees enrol. Your employer determines your eligibility, and will send you information if you qualify. You then have 90 days to decide whether you want to enrol.

REMINDER: HSA Convention Registration Deadline

March 4, 2010
All HSA members are welcome to attend and speak at HSAs Annual Convention in Vancouver April 15-17, 2010, at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.   Only delegates, however, receive financial support to attend, and have the right to vote at convention. For chapters with 49 or fewer members, the HSA chief steward is the sole delegate.  If the chief steward is not attending convention, an alternate should be identified.  Chapters with more than 49 members are entitled to one additional delegate for each additional 50 members or portion thereof.

March 8: Unions are leading the fight for womens equality

March 4, 2010
International Womens Day: When our mothers entered the workforce a generation ago, job postings still listed higher wages for men ... -mens rates" ... alongside lower -womens rates," for people working side by side, doing exactly the same job. While women have fought for and achieved many significant gains, the wage gap between women and men today remains staggering: almost 30 per cent. Women working full-time still only make 70 cents for every dollar men are paid.

Patient Handling Workshop

March 2, 2010
May 4th at the Italian Cultural Centre, Vancouver Shoppers Home Health Care and WorkSafeBC are hosting this half-day hands-on workshop for directors of care, floor supervisors and trainers, care aides and other front line staff who provide direct patient care. Attendees will receive instruction from professional trainers on the use of ceiling and floor lifts and other transfer assist devices, and will be required to practice transfers and repositioning tasks using the equipment.    

Community health services and support: bargaining association votes to accept tentative agreement

March 2, 2010
Last month, health services and support workers represented by HSA voted 91 per cent in favour of rejecting the tentative agreement reached between the bargaining associations lead union, BCGEU, and the provincial government. However, the BCGEU has announced today that the bargaining association as a whole has voted in favour of the contract. The tallied results indicate 76 per cent of union members represented by the bargaining association voted in favour.