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Remarks by Cindy Stewart

July 24, 2001
Thank you for coming tonight. I want to start my comments by saying the actions of HSA members right across British Columbia these past two days have not been about defying legislation. They have been about achieving a collective agreement. HSA members have shown they are resolved to get a contract that values their contribution to our health care system. They have been demonstrating for the past two days that the offer put to them in this round of bargaining is offensive in the extreme. It values some health care workers more than others.

Mediated talks fail - Remarks by Cindy Stewart

July 19, 2001
Thank you for coming this morning. First of all, I want to update you on the events that have taken place since June 20 when the Liberal government ordered health science professionals back to work after only five days of job action over four weeks. I said at that time it was a difficult day for the union and for our members. I didn't believe the legislated period would work. But I and the union's board of directors were prepared to do everything possible to make it work.

HEABC refuses to bargain; HSA to announce strategy Thursday morning

July 18, 2001
The Liberal government set up health science professionals contract negotiations to fail, Health Sciences Association President Cindy Stewart charged today. After a meeting with government-appointed mediator Stephen Kelleher today, the unions representing 14,000 health science professionals said the government-ordered cooling-off period has failed.

The fight is on - better wages for a better health care system

July 1, 2001
The Report: July / August 2001 vol.22 num.3 HSA members at the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Table and the Nursing Bargaining Table have been legislated back to work – but the fight is far from over.

Members look to the future with confidence

July 1, 2001
The Report: July / August 2001 vol.22 num.3 HSA’s 30th annual convention held April 6 and 7 celebrated the contributions members continue to make every day to the health of their communities. Almost 300 delegates from around the province were on hand for debates around resolutions on diverse issues. Delegates also strengthened networks to tackle the work to be done to secure collective agreements at two major bargaining tables.

Fragrance free, please: survey shows HSA members support scent-free environments

July 1, 2001
The Report: July / August 2001 vol.22 num.3 by CAROL RIVIERE Adverse health effects from exposure to perfumes and fragranced products are becoming more frequent, both in and out of the workplace.

New provincial government must recognize value of health professionals

July 1, 2001
The Report: July / August 2001 vol.22 num.3 by CINDY STEWART May 16 marked the end of a political era as British Columbians elected 77 Liberals and two New Democrats to represent them in the BC Legislature.

HSA members need quality workplaces, incentives to remain at work

July 1, 2001
The Report: July / August 2001 vol.22 num.3 by BRIEGE McCONVILLE As the newly-elected representative for Region 4, writing this report came as quite a challenge. After some thought, I decided that my own experience as one of the often-reported demographically aging members of HSA might be relevant to many fellow members who are in the same boat.