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March 8: Unions are leading the fight for womens equality

March 4, 2010
International Womens Day: When our mothers entered the workforce a generation ago, job postings still listed higher wages for men ... -mens rates" ... alongside lower -womens rates," for people working side by side, doing exactly the same job. While women have fought for and achieved many significant gains, the wage gap between women and men today remains staggering: almost 30 per cent. Women working full-time still only make 70 cents for every dollar men are paid.

'Hangover Budget' Pleases Few

March 2, 2010 By Andrew MacLeod Finance Minister Colin Hansen today presented a budget that shrinks the civil service and makes cuts across several ministries while keeping spending for health and education steady.

Patient Handling Workshop

March 2, 2010
May 4th at the Italian Cultural Centre, Vancouver Shoppers Home Health Care and WorkSafeBC are hosting this half-day hands-on workshop for directors of care, floor supervisors and trainers, care aides and other front line staff who provide direct patient care. Attendees will receive instruction from professional trainers on the use of ceiling and floor lifts and other transfer assist devices, and will be required to practice transfers and repositioning tasks using the equipment.    

No-news budget bad news for health care

March 2, 2010
In spite of a budget speech that boasts a commitment to health care, British Columbians should brace themselves for another round of cuts to health care services around the province, Reid Johnson, President of the Health Sciences Association of BC said in response to the provincial budget released today. -With a status quo budget for health care, we know that health authorities will be forced to continue to cut services as they have been doing the past year," Johnson said.

Community health services and support: bargaining association votes to accept tentative agreement

March 2, 2010
Last month, health services and support workers represented by HSA voted 91 per cent in favour of rejecting the tentative agreement reached between the bargaining associations lead union, BCGEU, and the provincial government. However, the BCGEU has announced today that the bargaining association as a whole has voted in favour of the contract. The tallied results indicate 76 per cent of union members represented by the bargaining association voted in favour.

Reminder: March 3, 2010 deadline - Scholarships and bursaries available for HSA members and their families

February 24, 2010
HSA is offering scholarships and bursaries to all members and their children.  We will be awarding ten scholarships for full-time studies, twenty bursaries for full-time studies, four bursaries for part-time studies and two aboriginal scholarships. The criteria and details are set out on the application forms.  To obtain a copy please see the HSA website:

IWD ... Vancouver Rally and Conference - March 6, 2010 - "Women's Voices at the Table"

February 19, 2010
TO: OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Dear Sisters and Brothers: RE: IWD ... VANCOUVER RALLY AND CONFERENCE - MARCH 6, 2010 -WOMENS VOICES AT THE TABLE" A diverse group of community and labour women have been meeting to organize the large Vancouver community event for this years International Womens Day (IWD) celebration in Vancouver. This year, the IWD Rally at the Art Gallery will be followed by a Conference at the Vancouver Public Library.

Community health services and support: HSA members overwhelmingly reject tentative agreement

February 18, 2010
Health services and support workers represented by HSA voted 91 per cent in favour of rejecting the tentative agreement reached in December between the bargaining associations lead union, BCGEU, and the provincial government. This follows last months recommendation by HSAs board of directors, who agreed with the unions negotiating team: the agreement asked members to give up too many hard-won benefits.

Retroactive seniority applications reopened for nurses

February 17, 2010
In 2009, the Nurses Bargaining Association launched the Retroactive Portability of Seniority Initiative. The most common reason for denial of claims was that nurses remained casual at the first work site, making them ineligible to port their seniority. Many of these nurses remained casual on the advice of union stewards and labour relations officers. Due to this fact, the NBA has agreed to re-open claims for nurses caught in these circumstances.

Budget advice to the Harper government: preserve and create good jobs

February 15, 2010
The top priority for the upcoming federal budget, due to come out March 4, 2010, must be to preserve and create good jobs. The budget should also invest in building a healthier, smarter, greener and more secure Canada, says NUPGE president James Clancy. Follow the link for the full story, including how you can participate in the national budget consulation.