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Health science professionals bargaining association name change

April 5, 2006
An application by HSA to change the name of the bargaining association covering health science professionals has been approved by the Labour Relations Board. Effective immediately, the bargaining association will be known as the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association — a name that better reflects the work of the professionals covered by the contract. It was previously known as the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association.

Health science professionals ratify collective agreement

April 5, 2006
Health science professionals have voted 90 per cent to accept a four-year agreement. -Health science professionals play an essential role in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients," said Health Sciences Association of BC President Cindy Stewart. -This agreement recognizes the skills, training, and expertise that they bring to the job and is an important first step in ensuring that BC has the health science professionals we need now and in the future."

BC Federation of Labour Womens Conference

April 4, 2006
"Making Our Voices Heard"May 1 ... 3, 2006Coast Victoria Harbourside Hotel & Marina, Victoria

Details of Nurses Bargaining Association tentative agreement

April 3, 2006
The Nurses' Bargaining Association has reached a tentative agreement with the Health Employers' Association on a new contract that provides significant gains for nurses in key areas of workload and compensation. The NBA is recommending acceptance of the agreement and will be taking it out to the members for ratification.

Details of UBA tentative agreement

April 3, 2006
A tentative agreement has been reached covering 15,000 community social services workers in B.C. The four-year deal includes wage increases totalling 8.3 percent, wage parity increases, and a pension plan at the end of the agreement. An additional 1.6 percent will go into workers pockets annually after the first year, when employers resume Medical Services Plan contributions. Full-time workers will receive a $4,200 signing bonus (pro-rated for part-timers and casuals.)

Bargaining marks 35th anniversary

April 1, 2006
The Report: April / May 2006 vol.27 num.2 by CINDY STEWART his year at our annual convention we will be marking HSAs 35th year as a union.

Duty to accommodate and "undue hardship"

April 1, 2006
The Report: April / May 2006 vol.27 num.2 by RITU MAHIL

25 years of speaking up for members' rights

April 1, 2006
The Report: April / May 2006 vol.27 num.2 by LAURA BUSHEIKIN

Understanding the union advantage

April 1, 2006
user The Report: April / May 2006 vol.27 num.2 by LAURA BUSHEIKIN

Unions call for finance minister to take immediate action to ensure a deal can be done by deadline

March 31, 2006
The Union Bargaining Association (UBA) is calling on BC finance minister Carole Taylor to take immediate steps to address the "negotiating ineptitude" of the employers, and to assure community social services workers that any final agreement they are offered is comparable to what other public sector workers have received to date.Download full PDF version here